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Designing and Assessing Educational Objectives - Applying the New Taxonomy

Paperback  ISBN: 9781412940351


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Robert J. Marzano

- Educational Consultant, Texas

Robert J. Marzano is senior scholar at Mid-continent Research for Education and Learning (McREL) in Aurora, Colorado, associate professor at Cardinal Stritch University in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and president of Marzano & Associates in Centennial, Colorado. He is the author of 25 books, 150 articles and chapters in books, and 100 sets of curriculum materials for teachers and students in Grades K–12. His works include What Works in Schools: Translating Research Into Action, School Leadership That Works, Building Background Knowledge for Academic Achievement, Classroom Management That Works, Classroom Instruction That Works, Classroom Assessment and Grading That Work, and A Different Kind of Classroom: Teaching With Dimensions of Learning.

During his 35 years in public education, Marzano has worked in every state multiple times as well as in a host of countries in Europe and Asia. The central theme in his work has been translating research and theory into practical programs and tools for K–12 teachers and administrators.

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Designing and Assessing Educational Objectives

Applying the New Taxonomy
Paperback 05-01-2008 $34.95
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Hardcover 05-01-2008 $78.95
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Ebook 03-11-2008  
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The New Taxonomy of Educational Objectives

Second Edition
Paperback 12-20-2006 $36.95
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Ebook 12-18-2006  
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