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- University of Minnesota, Minneapolis
Roger T. Johnson is a professor of curriculum and instruction at the University of Minnesota. He holds his doctoral degree from the University of California in Berkeley. He is the Co-Director of the Cooperative Learning Center. His public school teaching experience includes kindergarten through eighth grade instruction in self-contained classrooms, open schools, nongraded situations, cottage schools, and departmentalized (science) schools. He has consulted with schools throughout the world. He taught in the Harvard-Newton Intern Program as a master teacher. He was a curriculum developer with the Elementary Science Study in the Educational Development Center at Harvard University. For three summers, he taught classes in the British Primary Schools at the University of Sussex near Brighton, England. He has been honored with national awards from numerous organizations. He is the author of numerous research articles, book chapters, and books.
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Assessing Students in Groups

Promoting Group Responsibility and Individual Accountability
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