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Meeting the Needs of Students of ALL Abilities - How Leaders Go Beyond Inclusion

Paperback  ISBN: 9781412966955


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Elise M. Frattura

- University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Elise Frattura is an assistant professor in the Department of Exceptional Education and Educational Administration and associate dean for the School of Education at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. She teaches courses in administration of student services, organizational leadership, and special education law. Frattura researches and publishes in the area of nondiscrimination law, integrated comprehensive services for all learners, and the theoretical underpinnings of educational segregation. Coauthor of Meeting the Needs of All Learners: How Leaders Go Beyond Inclusion (Corwin Press 2000), Frattura works with school districts across the country to assist in the movement from programs to services for all learners.
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Meeting the Needs of Students of ALL Abilities

How Leaders Go Beyond Inclusion, Second Edition
Paperback 11-10-2008 $36.95
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Hardcover 11-11-2008 $80.95
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Leading for Social Justice

Transforming Schools for All Learners
Paperback 04-18-2007 $41.95
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Hardcover 04-18-2007 $90.95
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Ebook 04-10-2007  
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