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Ronald J. Nash

- Ron Nash and Associates, Inc.

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Ron Nash is the author of the Corwin bestseller The Active Classroom (2008), along with The Active Teacher (2009), and The Active Mentor (2010). Nash’s professional career in education has included teaching social studies at the middle and high school levels. He also served as an instructional coordinator and organizational development specialist for the Virginia Beach City Public Schools for 13 years. In that capacity, Nash conducted workshops and seminars for thousands of teachers, administrators, substitute teachers, and teacher assistants. In 2007, he founded Ron Nash and Associates, Inc., a company dedicated to helping teachers shift students from passive observers to active participants.
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“I was blown away at the conference and can't wait for the new school year to start so I can try all of the new ideas I received!”
—Audra Bounds, Teacher
Frederick County, VA

“This was the best workshop I have EVER attended!”
—Dawn Carter, Teacher
Augusta County, VA

"After teaching for 16 years, I was looking for inspiration and I found it. I'm excited to incorporate the innovative strategies Ron shared with me. The best part is the strategies are completely practical and doable."
—Joanne Jimney, Teacher
Chesapeake, VA

“Your three-hour presentation was fabulous! When teachers give a standing ovation, this is the kind of program that will impact their daily teaching repertoire. Yours is an in-service that impacts how teachers engage students.”
—Patsy Slaughter, Elementary Principal
Virginia Beach

"This day reminded me why I became and love being a teacher."
—Juli Weatherby, Teacher
Chesapeake, VA

“Attending Ron Nash’s workshop changed my whole style of teaching. The tools I gained have rekindled my love for teaching and my students’ love of learning.”
—Amber O’Malley, Second-Grade Teacher
Austin, TX

“As one of my colleagues stated about your professional development offering to us, “Now THAT’S what I’m talking about!”
— Linda Emerick, High School English Teacher
Wilmington, DE

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Ronald J. Nash's Books and Products

From Seatwork to Feetwork

Engaging Students in Their Own Learning, Second Edition
Paperback $25.50 $29.95
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The Active Classroom

Practical Strategies for Involving Students in the Learning Process, Second Edition
Paperback 12-02-2013 $31.95
Add to Cart
Ebook 11-26-2013  
Review Copy Available | Reviews

From Seatwork to Feetwork

Engaging Students in Their Own Learning
Paperback 10-20-2011 $26.95
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Ebook 10-18-2011  
Review Copy Available | Reviews

Harness the Power of Reflection

Continuous School Improvement From the Front Office to the Classroom
Paperback 04-07-2011 $31.95
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Ebook 04-05-2011  
Review Copy Available | Reviews

The Active Workshop

Practical Strategies for Facilitating Professional Learning
Paperback 08-19-2010 $30.95
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Ebook 08-19-2010  
Review Copy Available | Reviews

The Active Classroom Field Book

Success Stories From the Active Classroom
Paperback 07-23-2010 $28.95
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Ebook 07-27-2010  
Review Copy Available | Reviews

The Active Mentor

Practical Strategies for Supporting New Teachers
Paperback 01-06-2010 $30.95
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Ebook 01-06-2010  
Review Copy Available | Reviews

The Active Teacher

Practical Strategies for Maximizing Teacher Effectiveness
Paperback 06-02-2009 $28.95
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Ebook 06-03-2009  
Review Copy Available | Reviews