Corwin: Aligning and Balancing the Standards-Based Curriculum: David A. Squires: 9780761939634

Aligning and Balancing the Standards-Based Curriculum

Speaker Through the Corwin Speakers' Bureau David A. Squires Southern Connecticut State University
ABC Education Consultants LLC, Branford, CT

Foreword by Fenwick W. English

© 2004   344 pages   8.5" x 11"  
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Foreword Fenwick W. English
About the Author
About the Balanced Curriculum Web Site
Section I. Curriculum Tools and Concepts: Textbooks, Standards, Alignment, and Standardized Testing
1. Curriculum, Instruction, Assessment, and Standards
2. Textbooks: What the Research Says
3. Understanding and Using National, State, and Local Frameworks and Standards
4. The Importance of Aligning Curriculum
5. The Conundrum of Standardized Testing
Section II. The Design of the Balanced Curriculum
6. Curriculum Structure and Criteria for a Useful and Useable Curriculum
7. The Balanced Curriculum Process
8. Setting Up the Curriculum Writing Process
9. Defining the Components of a Good Program
10. Reviewing Standards, Sequencing Courses, Describing Units, and Delineating Unit Timelines
11. Other Standards for Alignment and Balance
12. Generating and Validating Significant Tasks
13. Aligning the Balanced Curriculum With Standards and Assessments
14. Balancing the Aligned Curriculum
15. Constructing Content Assessments
16. Constructing Format Assessments
Section III. Staff Development for and Results of the Balanced Curriculum
17. Introducing the Balanced Curriculum Process in a District
18. Staff Development to Promote Curriculum Implementation
19. The Superintendent's Role Philomena T. Pezzano
20. The Results So Far: Fifteen Years of Data From Urban, Suburban, and Rural Schools

Aligning and Balancing the Standards-Based Curriculum

Speaker Through the Corwin Speakers' Bureau David A. Squires Southern Connecticut State University
ABC Education Consultants LLC, Branford, CT

Foreword by Fenwick W. English

© 2004   344 pages   8.5" x 11"  

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About This Title

What the experts say about how the Balanced Curriculum process can tip the scales in favor of your students!

"The work that Dr. Squires has done in moving the curriculum development process onto the Web has removed some of the tedium involved in crafting curriculum, making it 'user friendly' and open to the kinds of ongoing changes that make the promise of continual renewal of curriculum a reality."

From the Foreword by Fenwick W. English
--R. Wendell Eaves Distinguished Professor of Educational Leadership
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

"A coherent approach to curriculum, instruction, and assessment in the age of standards-driven education…. It will be an excellent contribution."
--H. Lynn Erickson
Author, Concept-Based Curriculum and Instruction

"I'm happy with the Balanced Curriculum process, my Board is happy, and my students are benefiting by it."
--Philomena T. Pezzano, District Superintendent
Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey Public Schools

"The book builds a bridge of confidence that will convince readers of both the ideas and of their own ability to succeed."
--David W. Champagne, Professor Emeritus
University of Pittsburgh

"A wonderful and thorough explanation of the Balanced Curriculum."
--Michelle Barnea, Educational Consultant
Milburn, New Jersey

Aligning and Balancing the Standards-Based Curriculum highlights the research, theory, method, practice, and implementation guidelines from a successful 15-year track record of schools already using the Web site and its curriculum balancing process.

Benefit from the invaluable insights, experience, and expertise of author David A. Squires, as he outlines curriculum innovations that include:

  • Web-based solutions to simplify curriculum development and writing
  • Professional development opportunities designed to achieve school and districtwide consensus on curriculum development
  • Practical methods for ensuring that the curriculum is consistently reviewed, evaluated, enhanced, aligned, and rebalanced

Full of field-tested practices, clear-sighted diagrams, sample lessons, assessments, and case studies, this comprehensive handbook shows how schools and districts all across the nation can use the Balanced Curriculum process to put their schools on the track to success.

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