Corwin: Learning on the Blog: Collected Posts for Educators and Parents: Will Richardson: 9781412995702

Learning on the Blog

Collected Posts for Educators and Parents

Speaker Through the Corwin Speakers' Bureau Will Richardson Connective Learning, LLC
© 2011   144 pages   7" x 10"  
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Grade Level : PreK-12, Secondary, Elementary
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About the Author
Introduction: Invitation to Participate in the Dialogue
Part I. Teachers as Master Learners
On My Mind: Teachers as Master Learners
Personalizing Education for Teachers, Too
Urgent: 21st Century Skills for Educators (and Others) First
Why Is It So Hard for Educators to Focus on Their Own Learning?
Teaching Ourselves Right Out of a Job
The Next Generation of Teachers
Teachers as Learners Part 27
Unlearning Teaching
"What Did You Create Today?"
Get. Off. Paper.
Opportunity, Not Threat
Response to Jay Matthews at the Washington Post
Part II. Learning is Anytime, Anywhere, Anyone
I Don't Need Your Network (or Your Computer, or Your Tech Plan, or Your . . .)
What do We Know About Our Kids' Futures? Really.
Aggregator as Textbook
The Steep "Unlearning Curve
What I Hate About Twitter
It's the Empowerment, Stupid
So What Is the Future of Schools?
The End of Books? (For Me, at Least?)
No, Actually, You're Out of Balance
Making Kids "Googleable"
"I Never Knew I Could Have a Network"
Part III. The Learner as Network
The Learner as Network
Social Learning
"The Less You Share, the Less Power You Have"
"School as Node"
Part IV. Learning and Leadership
Don't, Don't, Don't vs. Do, Do
Transparency = Leadership
Yeah, You've Got Problems. So Solve Them.
"Willing to Be Disturbed"
"Tinkering Toward Utopia"
"What Do We Do About That?"
Who's Asking?
Part V. Parent as Partner
It's the Parents' Fault. Not.
Dear Kids, You Don't Have to Go to College
"So Why Do You Only Give Your Kids 45 Minutes a Day on the Computer?
A Parent 2.0's Back to School Dilemma
A Summer Rant: What?s Up With Parents?
Owning the Teaching . . . and the Learning
The Ultimate Disruption for Schools
Part VI. The Bigger Shifts . . . Deal with It
The Bigger Shifts . . . Deal With It
Failing Our Kids
Why Blogging Is Hard . . . Still
The Wrong Conversations

Learning on the Blog

Collected Posts for Educators and Parents

Speaker Through the Corwin Speakers' Bureau Will Richardson Connective Learning, LLC
© 2011   144 pages   7" x 10"  

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About This Title

Education reform: We don't need better, we need different

Today's students are immersed in the digital age, but can our educational system keep up? Best-selling author Will Richardson's comprehensive collection of posts from his acclaimed blog,, outlines the educational reform we must achieve to stay ahead of the curve. The book's entries present a multifaceted vision of the 21st-century classroom and describe how a social media-changed world has created new opportunities for:

  • Project-based learning
  • Student-created media that develops critical thinking
  • Extending learning beyond the classroom and school hours
  • Cooperative and collaborative learning
  • Student empowerment and career readiness

The necessary shift will not magically happen, but experts agree that it must happen now. This compilation will inspire educators and parents to engage in the technology their children already embrace, and to take an active role in transforming education to meet the challenges of the digital revolution.

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