Corwin: The Focus Model: Systematic School Improvement for all Schools: B.R. Jones: 9781483344270

The Focus Model

Systematic School Improvement for all Schools

B.R. Jones
August 2014   184 pages   7" x 10"  
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With school improvement initiatives, quality trumps quantity every time.

Today, a vast array of techniques, plans and initiatives purport to improve student performance. But a “shotgun” approach—trying many strategies at once without the deep focus they need to succeed—always falls short.

The Focus Model solves this growing problem with a method for carefully selecting initiatives and getting the most out of them, detailing:

  • Selecting critical standards—Defining the skills your students most need now.
  • Uncovering the essentials—Choosing your initiatives based on a deconstruction of the standards and targeted definitions of how they will enrich students.
  • Critical formative analysis of students — Analyzing student work to measure the strategy’s effectiveness.
  • Critical learning teams—Collaborating with colleagues so everyone can make better decisions. 

With The Focus Model, your school will benefit from the truth that less is more in planning for improvement.

“Here's a first-synthesis of today's best suggestions about how we can make school improvement a reality instead of a hope. A seasoned, perceptive author has assembled an excellent collection of school-improvement tactics that are demonstrable winners.”
—W. James Popham, Emeritus Professor

“If the US implements the Common Core Curriculum it will require a constructive alignment between the standards, the teaching, and the assessment. Jones highlights these latter two critical parts of schooling in a way that not only makes the alignment constructive, but he increases the probability of acceleration in student learning.”
—John Hattie, Director
Melbourne Education Research Institute
Victoria, Australia