Corwin: Positive Behavior Support at the Secondary "Targeted Group" Level: Yellow Zone Strategies: Laura A. Riffel: 9781483316789

Positive Behavior Support at the Secondary "Targeted Group" Level

Yellow Zone Strategies

Laura A. Riffel
Melinda Mitchiner
September 2014   240 pages   7" x 10"  
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To date, research in the area of positive behavior support has focused primarily on tier one and tier three interventions. Most tier two interventions are not well-studied although they impact the 10-15 percent of students who need more support than is available at tier one, but whose behavior is not severe enough for tier three individualized support. However, researchers are beginning to shift their attention toward exploration of evidence-based interventions that are effective at tier two.

This book is a companion guide to Positive Behavior Support at the Tertiary Level: Red Zone Strategies (Riffel, 2011), focused on tier two small group interventions. Topics include establishing procedures and routines, working in small groups and conducting individualized interventions in the classroom, managing transitions, and following up to measure effectiveness. Includes forms such as student and teacher rating sheets and sample intervention plans.

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