Corwin: The Principal's Companion: Strategies for Making the Job Easier: Third Edition: Pam Robbins: 9781412999120
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The Principal's Companion

The Principal's Companion

Strategies for Making the Job Easier

Third Edition

Speaker Through the Corwin Speakers' Bureau Pam Robbins International Education Consultant
Speaker Through the Corwin Speakers' Bureau Harvey B. Alvy Eastern Washington University

Foreword by Kent D. Peterson

© 2009   272 pages  
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Ebook ISBN: 9781412999120
Grade Level : PreK-12, Elementary, Secondary
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"In the heroic effort to improve our nation's schools, this newly revised volume is a gift to the profession...and to the professionals."
—Roland S. Barth, Former Public School Teacher and Principal
Founding Director, Harvard Principals' Center

"The Principal's Companion is rightfully regarded as 'the bible' of resource books for current and aspiring principals. No other single source provides such a thorough treatment of the multiple roles and dimensions involved in effective school leadership."
—Jay McTighe, Author and Educational Consultant

A guide on the side to help you excel in all areas of the principalship!

This third edition of a bestseller serves as a personal mentor for principals, providing the practical resources and tools to help inservice and aspiring administrators manage the challenges of leading a learning organization and facilitating school improvement.

Educational leadership consultant Pam Robbins and experienced principal Harvey B. Alvy guide school leaders on such critical areas as leadership skills, developing vision and a mission, teacher evaluation and supervision, curriculum, technology use, and conducting faculty meetings. This revised and updated guide reflects recent changes in a wide range of educational issues, including data-driven decision making and high-stakes accountability, instructional implications of brain research, federal legislation, cyberbullying, and social responsibility. This book provides:

  • Research-based strategies for succeeding with issues deemed critical to the principalship by practicing principals
  • An interactive format with reflective questions at the end of each chapter
  • A matrix that aligns practices with ISLLC standards

The Principal's Companion is the principal's ideal accompaniment for creating an environment that supports teachers' efforts to bring about successful student performance.