Each Corwin Institute is a two-day event focused on: exploring and highlighting critical issues within a specific area of interest to enhance instructional practice; and, providing an interactive venue for educators to dialogue about professional development trends, needs, case studies, and breakthroughs in an effort to heighten student learning and increase student achievement.


The Common Core Institute is a two-day conference designed to provide educators the tools and resources they need to understand, address, and implement the Common Core state Standards. Choose from a list of twenty-three author experts that will address the Common Core State Standards through the lens of one of the following themes:

  • Leadership
  • Meeting the ELA Standards Increasing Rigor & Instructional Strategies
  • Meeting the Mathematics Standards
  • Curriculum Alignment & Lesson Planning
  • Technology


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The Cultural Proficiency Institute is designed to bring educators together to discuss critical issues of diversity, equity and opportunity. Participants use reflection and dialogue to guide the examination of their values and behaviors and their organizations' policies and practices. The Cultural Proficiency Institute features three strands: Introduction to the Tools of Cultural Proficiency, Going Deeper with Cultural Proficiency, and Voices from the Field.

By partnering with Corwin to bring one of our live events to your region, we can develop a custom solution that will underscore sustained, job-embedded professional development and support Institute participants as they develop a common language, knowledge base and set of skills around the topics that matter most in your district.


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Visible Learningplus Institute exclusively from Corwin! At this institute you will spend two days with Professor John Hattie and team as you are introduced to the core concepts and research of Visible Learning. Through the lens of Visible Learning evidence you will be able to bring the Common Core State Standards to life.





Know Your Impact Institute

Featuring Michael Fullan and Visible Learning

Visible Learningplus is an in-depth school change model of professional learning and development. It is based on the principles of Visible Learning that have developed from John Hattie’s research and his two books – Visible Learning (2009) and Visible Learning for Teachers (2012). It takes the theory of this research and puts it into a practical inquiry model for schools to ask questions of themselves about the impact they are having on student achievement.

Motion Leadership is the kind of leadership actions that cause ‘positive movement’ forward in individuals, schools, and systems. Participants will learn the theory and practice behind building momentum and implementing change. Suitable for district and school leaders who are leading system reform.


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