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Watch Kristin Anderson's Archived Webinar

Stories of Impact: How Schools and Districts are Accelerating

November 5th, 2015

The Visible Learningplus professional learning model is based on one simple belief: every student should experience at least one year's growth over the course of one school year. Watch this interactive webinar to hear stories and learn about best practices from schools and districts across the country and around the globe that are using the Visible Learningplus model to make an impact on student achievement!



Watch Doug and Nancy's Archived Webinar

FISHER & FREY on Close and Critical Reading: Make It Your Next PD Initiative!
April 8th, 2015

With dozens of literacy initiatives tugging at your attention and budget dollars each year, how do you recognize the best value for your time and money, while guaranteeing for teachers the highest-quality learning experience? You’ll know it when you see it, and you’ll see it at Fisher and Frey’s all-new Close and Critical Reading PD Resource Center. Join Doug Fisher, Nancy Frey, and Corwin Literacy Publisher Lisa Luedeke as they walk you through this one-of-a-kind coaching platform for making proficient reading your next PD initiative across all of K-12. Looking for breakthrough professional learning? THIS is it! Plus it only costs $250 per building for yearlong access.

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What Really Works in Special Education?
March 11th, 2015

In this webinar, Tom Hierck will discuss how RTI can support all students toward higher levels of learning. Learn strategies to use when intervening with students at-risk, as well as how to guide all educators to embrace inclusion of students with disabilities in all activities.


Watch Larry's Archived Webinar

Common Formative Assessments 2.0
February 24, 2015

Are your common assessments as good as they could be? Because the inferences educators make about student learning can only be as good as the evidence they collect, the source of that evidence—the assessments themselves—must be of high quality.  Whether you are completely new to common formative assessments (CFA) or have extensive experience using them, the Common Formative Assessments 2.0 (CFA 2.0) process can help you take your CFAs to the next level of quality. Join Larry Ainsworth to learn how your grade- or course- level teams can collaboratively create high-quality assessments that reveal student learning of targeted standards within a curricular unit of study. Using the all-new CFA 2.0 ten-step process, teacher teams will intentionally align their common formative assessments to the levels of rigor in the standards. Resulting student feedback will enable educators to gain credible evidence of student learning that they can use to adjust instruction and that students can use to adjust their learning strategies.


Watch Jim's Archived Webinar

When is it Best to Teach to the Test?
February 12, 2015

Jim Burke’s webinar will explore ways that we can all prepare our students for the upcoming Common Core Assessments without interrupting or undermining our daily instruction. At the heart of this webinar and approach is the idea, grounded in the research of leading scholars such as Judith Langer, that students learn best when assessment and related preparation are integrated into our daily instruction as a means of enriching and extending that instruction. Participants will see examples of how to incorporate the Common Core State Standards into assessments of writing, reading, and more specific elements of the curriculum such as argument.


Watch Ann's Archived Webinar

Math Recovery Series: Introducing the New Purple Book
December 11, 2014

Learn more about the Second Edition of Teaching Number in the Classroom with 4-8 Year Olds in this exclusive webinar! In this session, you will discover the theory that underlies the assessment of children’s knowledge of numbers, the learning trajectories that give guidance to how a child progresses from less sophisticated tasks to more advanced tasks and the features that make this edition more teacher-friendly.


Watch Doug and Nancy's Archived Webinar

Close Reading Up Close
December 1st, 2014

Call it close reading, call it deep reading, call it analytic reading—call it what you like. The point is, it’s a level of understanding that students of any age can achieve with the right kind of instruction. In this webinar, Doug Fisher and Nancy Frey articulate an instructional plan so clearly, and so squarely built on research, teachers across K-12 need look no further for guidance.

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Watch the Archived 2014 Visible Learning Webinar Series

2014 Visible Learning Webinar Series
July 2014 – November 2014

Dive into Visible Learning on a monthly basis by registering for this free webinar series! Learn about the five strands of Visible Learning and create schools where students and teachers thrive with our certified Visible Learningplus consultants!


Watch Doug and Nancy's Archived Webinar

Close Reading Up Close
November 6th, 2014

Call it close reading, call it deep reading, call it analytic reading—call it what you like. The point is, it’s a level of understanding that students of any age can achieve with the right kind of instruction. In this webinar, Doug Fisher and Nancy Frey articulate an instructional plan so clearly, and so squarely built on research, teachers across K-12 need look no further for guidance.

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Watch Smokey and Nancy's Archived Webinar

Teaching the Social Skills of Academic Interaction
October 27, 2014

This webinar by Harvey “Smokey” Daniels and Nancy Steineke, authors of Teaching the Social Skills of Academic Interaction, covers teaching students the language and behaviors of getting along. The added bonus? You’ll score better on classroom-engagement rubrics!


Watch Julie and Ray Smith's Archived Webinar

Student Centered Leadership
September 18, 2014

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JJ Black Video

There is unprecedented international interest in the question of how educational leaders influence a range of student outcomes.* The conviction of the public and politicians requires that school leaders make a substantial difference to the quality of teaching, and hence the quality of learning, in their school. So which leadership strategies have the greatest impact on student outcomes? Join us for an insightful discussion of which leadership practices matter the most.


Watch Jenni Donohoo's Archived Webinar

Collaborative Inquiry
September 11, 2014

Collaborating for improved student outcomes makes sense. But beyond theory, do you know where to begin? How does a team gather, analyze, and then implement and evaluate learning objectives while engaging students and meeting school agendas? Without directed guidance, it’s easier said than done. Collaborative inquiry provides a structure for meaningful learning to occur within the context of a professional learning community. Teachers lead and learn with and from each other. Together, they problem solve and develop solutions to address their problems of practice in order to ensure that students' needs are met. People learn new ways of working together as they provide support to one another during each stage in the process.


Watch Peter's Archived Webinar

Flipped Leadership
August 28, 2014

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School leaders need to find multiple ways to help stakeholders focus on the right issues that revolve around learning. This webinar will explore how leaders can flip their faculty/staff meetings and parent communications to build a more engaging school climate. This is not a fad, but an engaging way to continue the ongoing conversation about education.

Watch Homa Tavangar and Becky Morales's Archived Webinar

Beyond Food, Fun and Festivals: Global Education Tools for Authentic Learning
May 15, 2014

Building global and cultural awareness does not happen in a vacuum of a single lesson but rather through meaningful exchanges and activities taking place throughout the academic year. This webinar will highlight projects to supplement K–5 curriculum while showcasing diverse cultures and perspectives from around the globe.


Watch Jim Knight's Archived Webinar

Focus on Teaching: How Video Changes Everything
May 9, 2014

Learn how to make immediate and long-lasting change in your classroom using the power of video in instructional coaching and to enhance teacher evaluations. This webinar was presented in partnership with Learning Forward.


Watch Pam Robbin's and Harvey Alvy's Archived Webinar

Navigating the Principalship: Powerful Strategies for School Success
April 24, 2014

Pam Robbins' and Harvey B. Alvy address the key questions in their webinar:

  • What is effective school leadership?
  • How can I be a more effective leader to impact student learning and teacher growth?
  • How can I help other's become more effective leaders?

Watch Debbie Zacarian's Archived Webinar

Unleashing the Power of Academic Language
April 2, 2014

In this webinar, examine the difference between students who possess academic language to, in and from schools and students who do not yet possess the academic language skills that are needed to be successful in school. You will use a four-pronged framework tool for strengthening the achievement as well as the engagement of academic language learners and their families.

Watch Ainsley Rose and Julie Smith's Archived Webinar

Visible Learningplus
March 6, 2014 

In this webinar, Ainsley Rose and Julie Smith provide an overview of John Hattie's research and the Visible Learningplus framework. Learn how school-based teams can systematically examine effective instructional practice in order to maximize impact on student achievement and learning.

Click here to learn more above Visible Learningplus.


Watch Deb Page and Judith Hale's Archived Webinar

Human Performance Improvement in Education
January 13, 2014

This one-hour webinar introduces improvement practitioners, university faculty, education leaders, and policy makers to the time-tested practices of Human Performance Improvement (HPI). Find out how these methods are successfully applied across all sectors to find the right solutions, implement them with fidelity and achieve sustainable results.


Watch the Visible Learningplus webinar with Jayne-Ann Young

Visible Learningplus
December 6, 2013

The Visible Learning research shows that 95% of what teachers do has a positive impact on student learning. However, some practices have a higher effect than others. View this archived webinar session to learn which practices make the greatest impact on student learning.


Watch Ainsley Rose and Kristin Anderson's Archived Webinar

Visible Learningplus
September 12, 2013

In this webinar, participants will learn about Visible Learningplus, an in-depth school change model of professional learning and development. This series has been designed for school-based teams to systematically examine effective instructional practice in order to determine the "impact" on student achievement and learning.


Watch Jim Popham's Archived Webinar

Evaluating America's Teachers
May 22, 2013

In this webinar, Jim Popham demonstrates that poor evaluation systems don't just hurt teachers—they hurt students, too. That's why America can’t afford to wait for the teacher-evaluation problem to be solved, and only one system can work: evidence-governed collegial judgment

Watch Jared Covili’s Archived Webinar

Going Google
October 23, 2012

In this webinar, Jared Covili demonstrates how Google is more than a search engine—it offers many tools that give people the opportunity to learn and work virtually from anywhere, with anyone, at any time.

Watch Kitty Boles & Vivian Troen’s Archived Webinar

The Power of Teacher Teams
October 11, 2012

In this webinar, Troen and Boles demonstrate how schools can transform their teams into more effective learning communities that foster teacher leadership.

Assessing 21st Century Skills

Watch Laura Greenstein's Archived Webinar

Assessing 21st Century Skills
September 19, 2012

In this webinar, Laura Greenstein asks, in light of the Common Core State Standards, how can you measure student mastery of skills like creativity, problem solving, and use of technology? Based on the best ideas of renowned experts in education, this webinar provides a framework and practical ideas for measuring thinking skills, actions, and living skills.

Project-Based Learning

Watch William Bender's Archived Webinar

Project-Based Learning
August 27, 2012
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In this webinar, William Bender demonstrates how project-based learning can aid in the implementation of the Common Core State Standards. This webinar will explore instructional strategies, assessment methods and detailed instruction on how to design projects for various content areas across all grade levels, integrate technology throughout the learning process, and more.

Dignity for All

Watch Peter DeWitt's Archived Webinar

Dignity for All
August 7, 2012

In this webinar, Peter DeWitt provides professional development ideas and strategies that helps leaders foster a more caring school not only for LGBT students, but for all students.

Aligning Curriculum to the Common Core State Standards

Watch Joe Crawford's Archived Webinar 

Aligning Curriculum to the Common Core State Standards
July 18, 2012

In this webinar, Joe Crawford shares his proven process for building a viable local curriculum based on the CCSS. He provides participants with helpful tools for mapping CCSS to curriculum, instruction, and assessment and ways to facilitate learning in all students.

Cultural Proficiency

Download the slides from Kikanza Nuri-Robins' Webinar

Cultural Proficiency
June 21, 2012

In this webinar, Kikanza Nuri-Robins examines our current context and looking for new and intentional ways to approach the achievement gap and other inequity issues.

Mapping Comprehensive Units to the ELA Common Core Standards, K–5

Watch Kathy Glass' Archived Webinar

Designing Quality Units Aligned to the ELA Common Core State Standards
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May 24, 2012

In this webinar, Kathy T. Glass shares a process for using sample ELA Common Core (CC) Standards to map comprehensive units of study. She presents a template and focuses on how to use ELA CC Standards to develop essential understandings and also provide unit and lesson guiding questions to shape rigorous, concept-driven curriculum.

Preparing Children for Success in School and Life - A Marcia Tate Webinar

Watch Marcia Tate's Archived Webinar

Using Parent and Teacher Partnerships to Prepare Children for Success in School and Life
February 28, 2012

Based on the bestselling book Preparing Children for Success in School and Life: 20 Ways to Increase Your Child’s Brain Power, Marcia Tate reviews strategies for preparing your young children for school, including exercising their brain in a fun, engaging way.

Preparing Children for Success in School and Life - A Marcia Tate Webinar


Watch Jim Knight's Archived Webinar

Instructional Coaching

June 2011

In this webinar, Jim Knight discusses strategies to encourage teachers to enroll in instructional coaching and summer strategies to prepare for the coming school year.

Preparing Children for Success in School and Life - A Marcia Tate Webinar


Watch Marcia Tate's Archived Webinar

Growing Dendrites

June 2011

Marcia Tate discusses using brain-based learning to engage students and grow their achievement.


Preparing Children for Success in School and Life - A Marcia Tate Webinar


Watch Michael Fullan's Archived Webinar

Motion Leadership

June 23, 2011

Michael Fullan discusses motion leadership, or how to "move" individuals, institutions, and whole systems forward.