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Review 1

"An inspiration for innovative educators everywhere providing the big ideas and insights that transform the way we think about, discuss, and support student learning."

Lisa Nielsen, Author,The Innovative Educator Blog

Innovation Specialist, NYC Dept of Education

Review 2

Learning on the Blog is the single best place to start understanding how to take advantage of the power of social media, and the changes in teaching and learning that digital media have made possible. A great way to start cultivating your personal learning network is to read Will Richardson’s book, follow his blog, and follow him on Twitter.”

Howard Rheingold, Lecturer

Stanford University, CA

Review 3

“… shows the potential when we collaborate to share ideas and best practices for the future.”

George Lucas


Review 4

"Perusing this succinct, reader-friendly book feels like being invited into Will Richardson's restaurant for some fine dining and animated conversation. One of my favorite dishes: teachers at the center of their own learning networks."

Milton Chen, Senior Fellow

The George Lucas Educational Foundation

Review 5

Students are already familiar with the Blog format and the idea of adapting it to the classroom is a great way to create a comfortable learning environment. It will also allow me to have students comment on each other's posts in a way that might be more detailed than on a Discussion Board. Great resource.

Dr Paul Beaudoin

Humanities Dept, Fitchburg State College

Oct 23 2012